Considerations when you look for a Wedding Planner

Since you have opted for a wedding planner, you must come to an agreement together. The payment to the planner can be for a fixed fee or per hour. Avoid the hourly rate, because a call can take more time than planned and triggers initial costs. Hire a wedding planner can be so exciting as in the wedding planner movie.

Better make a one-time payment. Ask for all details through the wedding planner website. You set a budget for the planner and this shows you what you can organize everything with this budget. It specifies in the contract exactly what services are assigned to the wedding planner.

Wedding planner book

Normally a wedding planner book is divided into 5 sections divided by different color separators: timing, essential (providers you will need), guests, calendar and note sheets and expenses.

All pages are designed differently and also have pockets to save documents and stickers with the aim of not forgetting anything and facilitate tasks, you must make use of a wedding planner checklist. Similarly, you will find inspiration sheets to paste pictures of everything that the couple would love to be in their big day.

According to its creator, it is very useful at any time of the year because it is «timeless». You can start filling in whenever you want, since it will be you in charge of setting the date depending on when you want to start working at the wedding. Don’t forget the use of a wedding planner timeline.

The remaining sections are «universal», valid for any time, such as key timing, essential suppliers or the organization of guests and tables. In addition, they have now launched a new design and have made a smaller version in A5 to carry in the bag.

Wedding planner app

More and more couples want to maintain total control of their weddings, and it is thought of them that the technology has implemented useful applications for mobile devices, which allow them to stay in permanent contact with their guests, share the marriage photos, perform The gift list and organize the budget details and logistics of the link.

When you download this type of resources, be sure to do it from official or authorized sites and take into account the operational requirements of each one, thus avoiding incompatibilities, blockages or malfunction.

  1. My wedding

It is one of the most complete applications, since it integrates information of the event, guide of dresses, options to choose the rings, list of guests, distribution of the tables and control of suppliers, among others. It allows you to organize from the ideas to choose the model of the dress, define the rates that most fit your budget and be aware of the important dates. It is also easy to link images, videos and music files.

Download it at:

Cost: US $ 11.99

  1. Design your wedding


This application, available in Spanish, is essentially a wedding planner. Your tools will allow you to organize all the pre-marriage issues. With your help it will be easy to prepare several budgets so that you then choose the one that most closely matches the actual investment you have budgeted; It is also possible to select the menu, organize and arrange the location of your guests and keep an agenda of important commitments updated.

Download it at:

Cost: Free

  1. Noeeva

You can control and organize everything related to your wedding; Your calendar will allow you to annotate appointments and pending tasks, also generate a check list with what you must meet month to month. It has a stopwatch that marks the countdown until the day of marriage. It helps you to create a guest list (with your contact information), which you can later use to distribute them by tables and so you advance in the organization of the party.

It has a planner for the honeymoon, with destinations, dates, agencies and costs. Thanks to your internal chat you can share your progress with your bridesmaids and family.

Download it at:

Cost: Free