Wedding shoes election for brides and grooms

Wedding Shoes for Day Wedding

There are endless types of wedding shoes perfect to fit the five factors that have to be taken into account at the time of your choice: the wedding hour, the wedding place, the wedding dress, the bride’s personality and the height of the bride.

For a wedding with day schedule it is ideal to wear some open bridal shoes. They can use some sandal type that are characterized by being formed by several strips or by the so-called peep toe which are those that are only open from the tip.

If you decide on some sandals I recommend that you make sure they have a good support in the heel to prevent them from getting out or that they are chancleando during the wedding. It is worth mentioning that if you are going to wear open bridal shoes it is very important that you take care of your pedicure as both your feet and your fingers will be in sight Ah! And socks are prohibited.

Wedding Shoes for Evening Wedding

For a wedding with night time brides can choose from sandal type bridal shoes, peep toe, pumps that are characterized by being closed in round toe or peak and even some booties. Wedding bridal shoes at night can be made with details in rhinestones and glitter.

Wedding shoes wedges

Wedding Shoes for Garden and Beach Wedding

If you are going to get married in an outdoor wedding venue you will need to choose some open shoes and I recommend that you choose wedges, which are characterized by having the heel running, to avoid being Claw in the grass or in the sand. Also, espadrille shoes are perfect for this style of weddings.

Wedding shoes for bride ivory

Wedding shoes for salon wedding.

If you are going to get married in a closed wedding venue then you can decide either by an open shoe (sandal) or by a closed shoe (pump or booty) The choice will depend very much on the time and above all From the season of the wedding date.

Bridal Shoes According to the Wedding Dress

A bride should never choose her shoes until she has defined the dress she will wear at the wedding in order to achieve a harmonic look. The different types of bridal shoes come in different styles: romantic, modern, simple, classic, etc. So the bride can choose the one that matches her wedding dress and obviously with her personality.

Also remember that the white of bridal shoes has to be as close to white as the wedding dress.

Wedding shoes low heel

Bridal Shoes According to the Height of the Bride: The types of bridal shoes are presented in different sizes of heels ideal to suit the needs of brides. If you do not want to wear heels, either because they are not accustomed or because your boyfriend is shorter or the same height as you, then you can choose some nice flats or dancers.

In relation to platforms and heels too high it is best not to abuse them to avoid foot pain, do not enjoy the wedding or your girlfriend look miss formality.

Wedding shoes for men

Shoes should be as formal as the make and color of your outfit. Starting from the custom of dressing a formal wedding suit (dark or jacket), the best thing is that you prefer the black color and a classic style shoe and suitable for the occasion. The choose of a good wedding shoes designer is essential.

Color, always black when it comes to a wedding. If you decide on the color, it will never be light brown or color leather.

Buy your shoes with time and use them little by little, a few minutes each day, to go do with them. And, of course, save them with one last after each use. Better wood to make the shoe breathe better.

Shoes for the wedding must be made of leather. They do not have to have a prohibitive price, although they must be of good quality; Keep in mind that this way you can use them for many years (if you take good care, of course). The suede and the nobuk are very nice, but they are not appropriate in this case. The most appropriate materials are beef skin or Cordoban (foal).

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