Tips and Suggestions for Choosing Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings is not an easy task for the bride and groom, since to decide on the perfect design you have to consider some factors like the personality of each and also the budget they have to buy the rings.

The traditional wedding rings are usually yellow gold, although there are many designs and variables: white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, titanium, etc. The most expensive and durable are platinum, but they are also the heaviest.

Wedding rings for women

One of the most important steps to start is where to buy appropriately the wedding rings for woman initially.

Know where to buy

Engagement rings and wedding rings can be purchased at a regular jewelry store or online. Difference between them is that the traditional jewelry, allows you to test the rings to check the size and in turn receive the personalized attention of a seller.

And the great thing about online jewelry stores is that they offer a better overall price and more quantity of models. What’s more, there are many online stores that also give you the option of designing your own ring according to budget and your preferences.


The most popular and traditional choice for engagement rings and wedding rings. It comes in a variety of carats (the higher the carat number, the higher the proportion of gold) and you can get it in various shades of color. Gold is cheaper than platinum because its sheen will wear out over time and may require you to pound it frequently to maintain it.

The frame of a ring

When a diamond ring is well crimped, it will look clear, while when it is not well mounted or set the stone will look dull. You can choose a simple mount, such as a solitaire, add stones to the sides, watermark, or some special detail.

Men’s wedding rings

It is not easy for a man to choose the wedding ring. In most cases, they are not accustomed to wearing jewelry. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether to choose the ring or whether it is the correct size. Generally, the couple chooses the wedding alliances together. What is more natural to compare, test, carefully evaluate what will be the symbol of eternal love.

The choice of the pair normally the rings are identical where the only difference is in the measure. Rings for men are often thicker and wider. For the gentlemen, simplicity is allowed. They generally prefer classic and sober models.

Traditionally, the choice of style is to use white or yellow gold. However, it is a mineral that impacts the environment. As advice we have to privilege producers engaged in a clean extraction or other materials such as platinum or silver. As for the appearance, the ring can be smooth or lightly etched.

Wedding rings sets

How to couple must wear appropriately the ring set:

There is a beautiful Chinese story about why you wear the ring on your ring finger, based on whether you test hands, palm to palm, and try to separate the respective fingers one by one, you will see that the ring cannot separate, they are united with tremendous strength.

That is why the annulars are attributed to the couple, the others being the parents, brothers, children, who in one way or another will make their lives, however not separating the ring finger, indicates a union for life with you couple.

Basically, the traditional way to use it on the ring finger of the left hand is based on the fact that from that finger there is a vein that connects directly with the heart, it is very romantic! Indeed, that ring represents the union you have with your partner, the love that exists between them, that pure and innocent love, that strong love, that love that can do everything, so do not hesitate to use that demonstration of your union.

And if we want to combine it with the engagement ring, the traditional and most accepted in cultures, is to see both the engagement ring and the marriage ring in the same hand, as a whole, it is a matter of which positions, both are well, by another Side you can carry one in the left ring and the other in the one in the right hand.

Wedding rings finger – Tips to choose them

Although wearing a ring may seem simple, there are many tips that can help ensure that your ring has performed well, protected from damage and is easy to remove if necessary.

  • Sizing: Select a size wedding ring that is easy to remove; Without grip adjustment, it may be difficult to loosen the glued rings. This can make the wedding ring a slightly larger size than the engagement ring.
  • Placement: Place the wedding ring on the outside of a loose or oversized engagement ring to help hold it in place, or put a larger wedding ring inside a stronger engagement band.
  • Customs: Consider regional, cultural and religious customs for the use of wedding rings. Many cultures in Eastern Europe, for example, prefer a wedding ring that is worn on the right hand.
  • Big Stone Rings: Place an engagement ring with a large diamond or jewel on the outside of the wedding ring. Place a smaller diamond inside to help accent it.

Unique wedding ring designs

Do the traditional designs for engagement rings and alliances make you yawn and ask for something more? Modern wedding rings with unique designs or wedding rings with colorful gemstones can be as fun to choose as the exquisite engagement rings.

Record the voice of your beloved by saying “I love you” or “I accept” will transform the sound wave form of the voice into a unique wedding ring. Available in white, red or yellow gold, 14 or 18 carats, or platinum, these amazing rings can be made from any sound wave of the voice, spoken or sung.

Filigree rings with sterling silver are beautiful wedding rings with artistic style. We love the contrast of the silver “threads” on the Artisan Look ring on Etsy and the special rotating rings on Jewela’s sparkling extra silver filigree ring on Etsy.

The wedding ring designs for him and for her are becoming bolder, with more outstanding and novel options. Black diamonds with red dinosaur bone inlay create a showy design on silver rings from The Hileman Collection on Etsy. Intricately entwined to represent eternity, are 18-carat gold rings with platinum strands on hand-made wedding rings from Todd Alan Studios.

Do you love solid gold rings with touches of diamond pieces and engravings? Take into consideration the Dogstone wedding ring with a unique cross design, with an alloy of silver and yellow gold.

The layered arrangement of wedding rings with deep blue sapphire from The Natural Sapphire Company hypnotizes you with its beauty. Choose your favorite or, if your wedding budget allows, choose two or three sapphire rings to match your diamond engagement ring. If you do not like stones

Wedding rings box

Set aside the old-fashioned cushions and stick to these DIY proposals, we discover 9 unique ways to bring the wedding alliances that everyone will love!

  1. A box with grass

A simple idea, that will take a little time and be beautiful. Simply decorate the ring box with grass and place alliances inside. It is the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding.

  1. A shell

If your wedding is held on or near the beach do not hesitate to bring your rings in a shell. Pick it up with your future husband on a beach day with a handful of sand and keep it well until the wedding day.

  1. A small wooden trunk

Whether you celebrate a winter wedding in mid-summer, bet on wood, it is a trend in 2016 weddings key to make your celebration a resounding success. Put aside the typical cushion of the alliances and carry out them in a small trunk of wood, decorate your wedding with this element and you will triumph.

  1. A nest

Use a nest to carry the wedding rings as a symbol of union and creation of a new home, a nest full of love. It is the best choice for a rustic wedding in the middle of nature!

  1. A custom cushion

It is the most traditional and what we see in almost every wedding, but it does not have to be poor. Choose a different cushion and personalize it with your names and date or with a phrase that identifies you, make an embroidery and holds there alliances.

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