How to take the best wedding photography?

Wedding photography ideas

Making wedding photos should not be unlike any other modality. The only drawback is that here the moments are not repeated. The embrace of the bride with her father before leaving for the church or place of celebration, the look of a mother to her son or a kiss between the bride and groom are things that cannot be repeated. Therefore, a series of basic wedding photography tips:

  • Have the equipment ready, the lens you are going to use, and the camera settings for the location. Control white balance, measurement type, manual or auto focus, ISO, etc.
  • Be creative. Do not force yourself with ridiculous poses. Photograph the bride as she prepares, looks out the window, breathes deeply to fight the nerves, smiles at her mother. These situations are the ones that will later transmit the feelings that these days arise.
  • Play with the elements around you. A reflection in a glass, mirror or the furniture that surrounds you may be perfect for a different, attractive composition. There are elements that can even help us as a frame to frame the scene.
  • Do not disturb the couple with continuous requests. That was one of my requests. When I hired my photographer I told him that I wanted everything to be natural. I did not have the feeling after each photo was prepared. For something like this I would already do a post wedding if I wanted to.
  • In the planning careful to the hours of light. Take care of the time that you use in each photo, in each location as it may be that when it reaches the last exteriors it is already dark.

There are many important points more like having a camera in case the main one fails, several cards, batteries, flash. Also also others of technique but those are known with the practice, with many sessions, based on mistakes in some cases and observation and Learning in others.

Wedding photography albums

When choosing a good wedding photographer, it is very likely that you will offer the album as well. There are two types of albums to choose from:

The photo album is a bound album, with photographic quality printing. It is the most expensive, but also the most durable, a feature that you should take into account.

Or, the photobook is an album similar to the photographic, but its main difference is that the printing is done in offset, the same of books usually on paper couché.

Wedding photography packages

A basic listing and that in next notes we will extend each one of the items are:

Before the wedding

  • Arrival to church, temple or civil.
  • The ceremony, the church, the dress
  • The courtship, the godparents, godmothers.
  • Exteriors and couple photos.
  • The entrance dance, the party, the atmosphere.
  • The tables and family members.
  • The closest friends.
  • Children attending the wedding.
  • The partner’s mascot, (if any).
  • The couple’s child or children if they had one.
  • The after party or meeting or entertainment.

Wedding photography poses

Most brides when the time comes for their individual photo shoot do not know how to pose. Often they deal with almost every detail of the wedding forgetting the ideas for the bridal photo shoot. If that is your case, read on. Among the main wedding photography poses are:

Lying Down

If you have your hair down, take a couple of pictures lying down. This pose will give you a romantic and feminine air, besides that it favors your figure. It is also perfect for a trash the dress session on the water. Be careful with this pose because you can emphasize your arms, so tell the photographer to take care of you in that aspect.

Whole body

When full body poses try to stand you right. You could throw yourself on a wall or a car with one hand and the other place it at the waist. The hands at the waist give you a posture that projects greater security. To stylize your neck, try to raise your face towards the sky without exaggerating.


This pose has the advantage that you do not need to make any kind of grimace; However you must take care of your posture. I recommend not to arch your back too much, you run the risk that the fat on the back will protrude. You can raise your arms to get back naturally.

Close-up, eyes closed

This pose is one of the favorites of the brides as each makes her face appear with her own expressions. You can smile if you want, make a profile, in the end you decide together with your photographer.

The idea is that you project your happiness in the photographs not your tension. Take a deep breath and relax, enjoy the session.