The best Wedding Hairstyles to take into account

A good wedding hairstyle is the one that puts the cherry on the rest of the styling and bridal accessories. You can see hairstyles collected low, with braids, sides, bows with volume or tresses undressed holding the best possible. It is advisable to wear the gathered hair with a wedding dress with a neckline to the back, which reveals the details of it and is perfect for wearing an exquisite and full of detail details that stand out above everything.

In addition, if you are concerned about having perfect hair for the big day, we advise you to know the Kérastase rituals.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

I’ll explain the different hairstyles and hairstyles that exist for women who want to have short hair as I happened to me and was one of the best decisions I make in my life regarding having a change of look.

Hairstyles with Short Hair: Rockabilly Hairstyle

It is a woman haircut that became very famous from the 50’s where rock and roll music was fashionable and Elvis Presley was a reference of the hairstyle with tupe, in the style of other referents of the Music like Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Short Haircut for Women with Permanent

Achieving those loud and flashy curls was a wonderful thing that happened in the last decades, mainly in the 60s and 70s, but now it is used mainly in women who have short haircuts.

Short Hair with Japanese Hairstyles

This type of hairstyle and cut has much influence in the manga of Japan that became popular. This type of look is characterized mainly by the smooth in the hair and cuts by layers.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair – hairstyles for wedding guests

The following wedding hairstyles also can be used for wedding guests in some cases:

Long braids or spikes

Beautiful hairstyle for wedding guests that has long hair, its end result are beautiful long braids. It starts by leaving the top part somewhat disheveled until the braid is made, the success of this combination is assured. You can leave them loose or collected, in any case they will look spectacular and fashionable. It can be varied to a braids of spike that are also in fashion and that are synonymous of wedding parties.

Low collection

After a time out of trend, the low ponytail returns with force to look like a guest at a special wedding. If time does not reach you to do such a sophisticated hairstyle, then low ponytail is the most recommended option. You can also wear both straight or wavy hair, bangs or bare forehead, braids on top or make some crepe and make the queue more sophisticated adding more glamor and volume on the top.

Fake bob

The trend of the fake bob is gaining more popularity, and not to be outdone, when you see a celebrity as Taylor Swift wear it at special events you know it is the ideal wedding hairstyle for guests. This look has several variants depending on the length of hair, color and thickness can be applied in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Tall top

More than a style is a perfect resource for attending a wedding. It is one of the hairstyles for weddings that is done in a few minutes and that highlights the most beautiful features of the face, simply flattering. For summer weddings is the most recommended style as its structure does not accumulate too much heat.

Melena with wreath of flowers

This is one of the most romantic wedding hairstyles that can exist. Its choice is a success in the middle of summer, it is not only its structure, but the accessories that give it a divine touch. And no wonder, flowers have become a plus for wedding guests. The flower wreath is adaptable to any type of dress in light tones, best of all it can be used with loose or collected hair.

Wedding hairstyles accessories

If you already decided what wedding hairstyle to wear on your wedding day, it is time to choose hair accessories that enhance this finish, there are a variety of options: tiaras, combs, hairpins, diadems, what is important is to contrast with the style chosen.

Do you have short hair?

If you think that by having short hair you have to limit yourself with the accessories, for nothing, the solution is to choose a flashy accessory with a lot of personality and thus you will create a unique finish. Headdresses, diadems, tiaras and impressive crowns, you will only need a good complement to highlight the style.

According to the volume of the hair

If the bride is characterized by having a leafy hair and has chosen a hairstyle with a lot of volume, the ideal is to choose a showy accessory, this way will not be lost in the middle of the finish. Best Bridal offers hair accessories with jewelry finishes that bring a unique shine.

Wedding hairstyles down

The showy way to present the long curls is to gather in the crown and gracefully cascade down. This is a beautiful hairstyle from any angle of vision: the elevation in the roots makes any face more attractive, thanks to the elegant sides its increasingly refined profile, and the flows of curls in the back literally hypnotize.

If you do not want any pomposity in your bridal look, you will perfectly do without any bouffant, intricately braided or new, exquisite curl patterns. The front locks easily and effortlessly fixed loose curls are irresistibly charming, and the V-shaped piece of hair is undoubtedly the most suitable accessory for this cute look.

Wedding hairstyles updo

Extra voluminous updo hairstyles with intricate details and luxurious decorative elements are typical of Baroque style which is a good source of inspiration for elegant wedding hairstyles. It looks incredibly fragile and as it is falling apart. This is where they originate their overwhelming charm and feminine appeal.

A typical solution of half up hairstyles is to fasten the front locks on the back with a nice wig as a motif. And forming a few knots of hair as a substitute for a hairpin is a more creative idea. You can still wear a jeweled headband and eye catching earrings.

Wedding hairstyles and makeup

Naturalness to power

Designers like Isabel Zapardiez, Oscar de la Renta or Jenny Packham bet on the less is more and enhance the beauty of the bride, with a skin that emanates freshness and freshness, with the hand of a moisturizer with color or BB cream, a few light touches Blush or bronzing powder, a layer of mask and lips nude or very soft pink.

Blank eyes

Houghton’s girlfriend proposes an ethereal look through a powdered haze that illuminates white front, eyes and nose and, we agree, is too theatrical to put it into practice, but we were more or less with the idea: it could be Adapt with a gentle touches of iridescent powder on those areas of the face. A fresh air alternative to the traditional cat eye. Only for innovative brides.

Cheeks and coral lips

The coral provides a warm and healthy blush to any skin tone and on the lips there is nothing cooler for a bride than an almost transparent coral lip. For the cheeks choose a perfect tone between coral and rose and with a matte finish that stays intact for hours.

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