Wedding Flowers for the different parts of your ceremony

In organizing a wedding, there are a thousand and one important and complicated decisions to make: what if the date, the venue, the wedding dress, the guest list, its distribution at the tables. However, there are few decisions you can easily make, such as having the best wedding flower ideas.
Wedding flowers arrangements

The flowers of your bouquet should be in accordance with the style of your dress, your personality and the theme of the wedding.

Waterfall: Flows down and may have one or more flowers suspended at the end.


Wedding flowers bouquet

Bouquet: The flowers are closely grouped. They are usually prepared with roses and may have some tulle or silk ribbons. In our magazine we have already told you how you can design a wedding bouquet to your liking.

Hand tied: The flowers are placed as if they have just been cut. You see the stems and can carry the bouquet a detail of the same color or fabric as the wedding dress. Usually a professional, but in Zankyou we have also taught you how to make your own bouquet, for times of crisis.

The flowers that the groom wears

The flower in the buttonhole that carries the man in his boyfriend suit has to have a distinctive character, although similar to the style of flowers used in the wedding decoration. One option is to place a flower similar to the one with the bridal bouquet.

Decoration for the Ceremony

When planning the decoration for the ceremony, it is important to take into account all the areas that can be embellished with flowers, such as:

  • The altar.
  • The podium or lectern.
  • The ends of the benches or the hall itself.
  • Entrance ways to the lobby and staircase outside the entrance.

Banquet hall decoration

The banquet hall can be decorated in a style similar to the ceremony or can be completely different. For example, many brides choose all white flowers for the ceremony in the church and ask for more colorful ones for the celebration.

DIY wedding flowers

This note is for all creative and skilled brides with the crafts. Something you can save on your wedding is in the flower arrangements, if you make them yourself. That’s why we leave 5 tutorials step by step to create the most beautiful and original designs.


We look for the most practical, fun and original in Pinterest and this is our selection:

  1. Vintage cups

They will need: antique cups, colorful flowers, flower scissors and, depending on the cup, some floral foam.

  1. Sand of colors

They will need: Long and deep vases, sand of colors, flowers, resistol, scissors, lace to tie and to decorate and floral foam of colors.

  1. Flower Spheres

They will need: a unicel or plastic ball, colored paper, a matching ribbon, scissors, pins and silicone.

  1. Flowers in bottles

You will need: colored china paper, scissors, white wire (or black depending on the color combination) and a bottle of milk or mason jar.

  1. Giant flowers

You will need: Many sheets of opaline (need 2 per flower), transparent plastic cups (1 per flower), bath sponges (loops), silicone (a lot of silicone), spray paint, kleenpack, a thin wall electric conduit (Home Depot SKU # 203106), ½ «screws (Home Depot SKU # 839663), a metal base with a hole in the middle, a block of wood or a bucket with sand to hold the stem and some fabric to cover it .

Wedding flowers centerpieces

Flower centerpieces now favor more risky and trendier models, where baskets, wooden trunks, perfume bottles, books and original glass jars serve as excellent bases for shaping The attraction of these ornaments.

For daytime weddings, above all, the most elegant centerpieces are emphasized with flowers of warm colors. The species, preferably different, combine with the goal of harmonizing the color palette that you have chosen for your wedding. For example, if the reception will be held in broad daylight, flowers in subtle yellow colors, pastel pink, coral, lavender or peach.

To achieve absolute dynamism, we recommend you choose elegant table centers with different sizes. For example, in a montage for wedding day you can place a silver container with the arrangement of the flowers and you can complement it with books, numbers on the table, or with a decoration with candles for your wedding to become In the most romantic spot.