Choosing the Wedding Dress For The Happiest Day Of Your Life

As I know what it means for all of you, future brides, choosing the wedding dress that will wear on your wedding day I present some tips that should be taken into account before starting with the long awaited “El Vestido” shopping.

The search time of the wedding dress should be minimum 6 months before the wedding. It is very important that they enjoy the purchase of the wedding dress and do not do it in a hurry. Doing it in time will allow them to feel that they have seen all their possible options and will be sure that they decided on the best.

Wedding dresses with sleeves

The idea that long sleeves are worn only for the cold seasons is a paradigm that is changing a lot, especially in bridal fashion. Used by necessity, by simple taste or as decoration; long sleeves are a trend in most wedding dresses, as they allow styling the arms and wear them more gracefully and are characterized by being made with very fine fabrics, which provide elegance and enhancement to the bride.

Here are four styles in which you can draw inspiration to create dreamy propositions with long sleeves.

  1. Sleeves of guipur

The guipur is a fabric of thick lace, that allows to appreciate in a very subtle and elegant way the skin of who uses it. It is characterized by not needing any fabric base, complementing very well those smooth fabrics. Some are thinner, others thicker; All with abstract designs, that give a unique enhancement to the dress. They can be used at any time of year, and in long sleeves, creates an excellent visual effect.

  1. Lace sleeves

The lace is the fabric that brings delicacy and femininity to another level. Used since Victorian times, it gives every dress certain class and unique elegance. Thus, in recent years, it has been used to provide an exquisite tattoo effect on the body, presenting as a second skin. It is ideal to wear long sleeves very original, in different designs: straight, bell-shaped, bat type, 3/4, combined with tulle, etc.

  1. Tulle sleeves

The silk tulle is the heavenly fabric of all time. Its exquisiteness lies in the visual effect it creates, softening any object on which it is placed. It inspires a lot of delicacy and finesse, giving the sensation that it has been “taken out of the sky”. The long sleeves made with tulle, have a great impact, especially if they are accompanied by some application or jewel.

  1. Sleeves to the ground

Made of very light fabrics, although few designers have opted for this model, we are sure to be trend in the not too distant future. They revive the elegance and classic style of some times, such as Hellenic, and combine it with modern designs. To have a greater visual impact, they are used in designs that carry a broad neckline in the back.

Wedding dresses styles

The different existing wedding dresses styles can be categorized by relation to the fall and relation to the neckline among others.

Types of wedding dresses in relation to the fall

  • Traditional: Fitted in the torso and the waist comes a flared skirt. It is ideal for the fanciful brides that the day of their wedding want to look like Cinderella.
  • Princess: The skirt of the dress comes from the waist, is vertical and attached to the body. Ideal for romantic brides.
  • A-shaped: It is glued to the torso and the skirt falls in the shape of A. Perfect for brides who want to look elegant.
  • Empire: Just below the bust line comes out the skirt and is loose, not notched. Ideal for brides who want to give their dress an old touch.

Types of wedding dresses in relation to the neckline

  • Strapless: The shoulders, neck and upper back are uncovered.
  • V-neck: The neckline forms the letter V.
  • Round: It is closed to the height of the bones of the clavicle.
  • Square: The neckline is rectangular or square. Ideal for empire cut dresses.
  • Heart: This neckline makes a heart shape right on the bust line. Ideal for traditional or princess cut dresses.
  • Spaghetti straps: Dress with thin straps.
  • Portrait: It is very elegant and classic since the fabric surrounds the shoulders as if it were a shawl being these slightly visible.

Wedding dresses designers

Among the most renowned wedding dresses designers are the following:

Monique Lhuillier. Young designer, runs her company along with her husband Tom Bugbee. Their wedding dresses are characterized by being sophisticated and very elegant. Lots of laces, silks and chiffons.

Christian Lacroix. This designer is inspired by the thirties. His stamp is unequaled since he loves to mix the historical with the contemporary.

Karl Lagerfeld. The wedding dresses of this designer, recognized worldwide, are characterized by being extremely modern. Its designs are geometric, it uses a lot of tulle.

Romona Keveza. Keveza designs are becoming more sought after. They are characterized by being majestic, feminine, romantic and extremely elegant. It uses a lot of layers, draping and bulky designs.

Badgley Mischka. They are two designers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka. Their wedding dresses are based on the 40’s and the glamor of Hollywood before. They use the mixture of fabrics and corsettes.

Elie Saab. This designer is synonymous with luxury and modernism. Her collections are sophisticated, feminine and romantic.

Wedding dresses for men

When we are invited to a wedding we must think about what to wear and what are the ideal garments to use. Each garment that you choose should look good and form a nice figure.

The neutral colors are perfect for men who are invited to a wedding that is held in open space, field or beach, because the advantage they have is that they are fresh and do not absorb the heat of the sun.

If the weddings are held in the evening, it is forbidden to wear light suits, it is best to opt for dark colored suits such as navy blue, marigold gray or black, for one of these colors you can choose. The dark colored suits, if you wear black you should choose to wear a tuxedo, it will always be more ideal for the evening / evening wedding.

The tie is the element that should never be missing in a man’s suit. You must choose a tie that goes to the style of the suit and that perfectly matches the color of the long-sleeved shirt that you wear, is a tie more striking or soberer but always fit the shirt you wear.

With the tie or bow tie for weddings you should create an elegant look, where you have a balanced and sophisticated combination. The one who likes a more fun style we advise that you use a white shirt with tie or tie of color or with some stamping.

Shoes should be elegant and leather. The color of the shoes should match the suit, especially with the pants. For beige or blue suits, dark blue and black shoes, or brown ones, are recommended. It is very important that they are always clean and new, never scratched or worn.

Accessories are important when wearing a suit. Wear a belt, in the pocket of the jacket carry a handkerchief printed or smooth and always on the wrist a nice watch.

Wedding dresses 2017

One more year, the bridal fashion is being protagonist. The best bridal walkways on the international scene have presented their new collections of wedding dresses for the next year 2017. Trends from years past that remain in force and others that join these making the delights of brides who look for the perfect design for the day their wedding.

Feeling one in such a special occasion is fundamental, so there are many brands that offer extensive proposals for all types of women, with silhouettes, figures and different styles.


Among the proposals, we see silhouettes of all kinds. They could not miss the, always classic, princess cut bride dresses as well as the cut mermaid court dresses. What strikes us is the number of lightweight designs, with skirts made in fine fabrics such as crepe.


Although there are of all kinds, wedding dresses with delusion neckline are still in the top positions. Formed by a tulle jersey with embroidered details or fine lace. They are necklines that are super flattering and look great on all women.

If we bet on a more sensual design, we cannot forget the wedding dresses with V-neck, which feel good almost everyone, especially adding volume to those women who have little breast.

Along with these two necklines, which will continue to be trends in 2017, we find the wedding dresses with neckline to the back, a classic of the last seasons. And is that the sobriety of a design on the front is compensated with carved backs.

Lace, rhinestones, transparencies and volumes

When we talk about this type of textile industry, the details are always the ones that make the difference and make a design that does not attract attention something spectacular and unique. This is the case of looks with rhinestones, transparencies and volumes that have their niche for 2017.

The rhinestones, both in pearl embroidery and inlaid with crystals, are exquisite. We see it in designs like those of Jenny Packham, which are composed of tulle embroidered with rhinestones and creates a second layer on thin and crepe, or in wedding dresses with belt, like the one we show you by Jesus Peiró. They can also incorporate rhinestones in the back or in the form of shoulder pads.

Wedding dresses with transparencies were the kings of catwalks and international collections in 2016 and in 2017 will continue to tread strong and innovating even more. In sleeves with a cutaway, neckline, back, but above all, in complete designs.


Color wedding dresses are still the alternative for girls who want to wear an alternative bridal design. Roses, nude and champagne colors are an ideal choice as wedding dresses for civil ceremonies. In these cases, always the tulle is used, the stylings are richer and more luxurious. Pass the color on your wedding day and you will triumph.

Wedding dresses for kids

It is true that when a guest looks for information about seasonal stylings, these vary depending on when and where the wedding is held. However, in the case of the smaller ones the “rules” are not so strict. They will want to play at all times and should be comfortable.

However, whether or not they are wedding pages, it is a wedding and, therefore, it is necessary that the garments of the smallest are adapted to the protocol. Thanks to the best professionals in the industry now we have the essential tips to know how to dress the children in a wedding.

  1. Respect each child’s style

Each child has a style of his own that must be considered, in addition age is also important so we always recommend that you try out the possible options and adapt to each one the chosen model.

They are faithful to their romantic style, although they are introducing variations of color and prints, but always in a very subtle way.

  1. Make them feel handsome

Young people, like adults, should feel special about what they look like. The maximum to dress the children is that they look gorgeous and very special. We have to teach them that they are going to be an important part of an event with great family repercussions. We have to explain to them that Mom and Dad also dress in a special way that day. Girls, for example, like to have some detail shared with their mother, something easy and fun.

  1. Textiles and colors according to the wedding

We all know that each wedding is different and must have the stamp or the essence of each couple. Therefore, it is important to take into account aspects such as the type of wedding, the place where it will be celebrated (field, beach, city, etc), the colors of the bride’s bouquet or the groom’s tie.

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