How to prepare the best wedding cakes

Until the time of dessert finally arrives, the wedding cake makes its great appearance. The reality is that many times the bride and groom do not realize that the cake itself can be part of the wedding decoration. The designs with large floors covered in white bitumen have been in the history, to give the great welcome to new formats with thousands of colors, styles, patterns, details and themes that enchant.

Wedding cakes ideas

  1. Thematic cakes

If you like a special theme or being part of the wedding cake itself, what better than a cake inspired by allusive dates or the same bride and groom, will go very well also if the party is associated with some style, in this case leaves The traditional and you ask for a sweet detail, full of originality. Rebellion Cake Wedding, notes that more and more couples are revealing themselves to the traditional and ask for elements to make fun of your wedding party.

  1. Travel-themed cakes

Del Río Cake Boutique points out that in this case, the cake has to reflect the personality and tastes of the couple, being a really unique detail since it has touches imposed by the same boyfriends. Generally the themes that cover this type of design, are based on the hobbies and lifestyle of the future spouses, the bride is the one who participates most in the clothing, giving the changes or additions pertinent without losing the elegance.

  1. Minitorts or Cupcakes

A tendency increasingly demanded by the bride and groom, it is a question of complementing the wedding cake with mini cakes or cupcakes, La Cesta de Marita places them in layers, giving an innovative and special finish. The mini cakes accompany in the decoration, adding the touch of color to the main cake, the trend implies that these sweet details, be more colorful and serve as a souvenir for the guests to the event.

  1. One-color cake

A traditional and classic alternative in weddings is the color white, this type of cakes as detailed in Cupcakes For You, stand out for bringing flowers with color, details that break the monotony of the main design. It is the classic option that never has lost and that today can also be personalized with unique touches of inspiration of the couple, they fall very well with ceremonies and elegant parties.

  1. Colorful and fun

The designs with colors are varied, highlighting their cheerful and fun details, ideal for much more informal receptions. In addition to imposing many shades, stand out for bringing designs and shapes that break with the common, there is no doubt that these types of cakes will be the center of attention of the wedding candybar.

Wedding cakes designs and cake decorations

With details of flowers

The flowers are adornments par excellence of wedding cakes, are implemented in all types of styles, from a traditional sweet and distinguished to a very fun with flowers of all colors. So you can find them in all their forms and models, all the weddings have them as their star complement and Dulcefina reinvents them to offer admirable cakes.

With geometric shapes

The manufacture of these cakes in this style, are characterized by their sharp edges, clean lines and geometric corners. These models complement each other very well with diverse textures, in its variants are those that combine stripes and shading, creating optical illusions, geometric designs with fun finishes, Art Decoy styles on different floors.

Naked cake

The famous cake without cover, this creation brings the baked cake filled with fruits and meringues, a trend that makes the bridal dessert much lighter and natural, guests can enjoy a cake based on sponge cake, cream, fruit or meringue. His attraction lies in the homemade and rustic of his presentation.

With metal finishes

Gold and silver are part of this trend, glamorous options that are complemented by flowers, letters and shapes that stand out for their sparkles. The designs are decorated with elements of the most original, being true works of art that give to talk inside the confectionery and that often, they adapt to the catering of the celebration of weddings.

With special flavors

Special confectioners not only seek to create designs that impress, also that are totally pleasing to the bride and groom, after all is a unique sweet that celebrates their union. To do so are the wedding cakes with special flavors, from the taste of the sponge cake to the choice of the fruit, everything is selected in detail, so that the couple enjoy the dessert to the maximum.

Wedding cakes pictures

Among the most popular wedding cake pictures that can impress you are:

  • Modern wedding cakes in gradient
  • Spectacular wedding cakes with natural flowers
  • Metallic wedding cakes
  • Naked or uncovered wedding cakes
  • Photos of spectacular and rustic wedding cakes

Wedding cakes recipes

Our wedding cake needs a very fine dough, so we will start sifting the flour until it has no lumps. Once sifted the flour is mixed with the yeast powder.

Put the eggs in a bowl and add the sugar. We beat with a rod and we are adding, little by little, the butter. When all the ingredients are well mixed add the pinch of salt.

We add the flour very little by little without ceasing to beat. When we have all the ingredients of the well-beaten wedding cake, what we have to do is put them in a round mold for cupcakes.

Bake the wedding cake for 40 minutes at 160ºC. When it is baked it and let cool and de-mold.

Stretch the white fondant on a countertop until it is fine and place it on top of the wedding cake to give it the perfect end point.

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