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The most varied wedding decorations for your choice

Are you fixing the details for your wedding and want the best wedding decoration ideas?

Pleasure yourself with the greatest wedding decorating styles. Learn about the latest trends and innovative designs, which allow you to customize the celebration of that special date. Let’s start.

Wedding Reception

Read and apply for your wedding the best ideas to ornament your wedding reception for being memorable:

Cover roofs with fabrics

It’s amazing what a few fabrics can do. Using them to cover the ceilings will give a majestic air to the environment.

Choose stamped pillows

If you are lucky enough to have a reception area with a lounge area with armchairs and sofa, do not hesitate to play with the pillows and combine colors with different shapes and textures

Create a directory with the distribution of the tables

Create a bulletin board with seating layout and place it near the entrance to the reception space. There are many ways to make these panels and you can build them yourself to give them your most personal touch.

Do not forget the silk paper pompoms

This decorative element that you can also create yourself gives a very special touch to the environment. Hanging inside the tent, hanging from chairs or even inside vases, pompoms are a fun and inexpensive way to give your space a touch of color.

Use lamps on tables

Create height at the tables using lamps distributed throughout the banquet. A very useful tip to camouflage the cables is to place flowers around them that will also serve as decorative element.

Add sprigs of herbs

The fact that you want an elegant and formal wedding does not mean that you can not include a little fun in the decoration.

Use colored glass

Instead of using your entire budget in flowers, centerpieces and lights, plan to spend part of the cutlery and glassware.

Create a chalkboard background for the ceremony

Blackboards are always a fun and very original decorative element. You can use it as a ceremony background with a positive message or phrases that have a special meaning for you.

Manuscript menus

Make yourself the manuscript menus, with beautiful and elaborate letters, with personalized cards for each guest. You can even write messages to some of your guests if you know that there are some dishes that will especially like.

Bets on minimalism

Less is more, and in a wedding this affirmation takes on even more meaning.

Wedding decorations for tables

Decorating the venue for a wedding banquet, is one of the things that most care about, especially, brides. Decorating everything with your own style is something very easy to get.

You can think of bringing warmth to your wedding with candles, a touch of closeness with your guests. Flowers, many flowers that give life and joy to the environment, especially in halls and interior areas. As an idea, high table centers, which in addition to being precious, facilitate the use of the table, as diners will have more space and can see and talk.

Decorating the venue for a wedding banquet, is one of the things that most care about, especially, brides. Decorating everything with your own style is something very easy to get.

Cages with a rustic touch and very chic, round flower centers or low wooden, and glass jars with candles or bouquets and do not forget the wedding chairs or catering that serves the best delights on such tables, as well A careful decoration of the prelude ceremony of everything.

Wedding decoration pictures

Photo frames are decorative elements that can beautify a multitude of spaces both indoors and outdoors. Take our advice and let your creativity flow.

If you want the style of your wedding to be retro or vintage, you must have a nostalgic, romantic, and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to the common objects offered by designers such as cameras, chandeliers, or antique vases among others, you can include photo frames to have a 100% personalized wedding.

Using this type of decoration has great advantages as it not only guarantees its own style, but they are simple to acquire and, generally, affordable. You can paint them, decorate them with flower centers, ribbons, or other small accessories.

Wedding decorations for sale

The wedding decoration for sale or rental you choose has to be simply spectacular. No need to spend a lot of money, but you should reserve a part of your budget for the wedding decoration if you want it to be very personalized: what is important is to put a lot of affection and good ideas.

Among the wedding decoration accessories for sale or rental are included normally:

  • Decoration fabrics
  • Pompoms and lanterns
  • Balloons, garlands, paper pompoms
  • Lights and tables
  • Table Centers
  • Table Details
  • Figures and boyfriends
  • Wedding posters
  • Hanging Decoration

Wedding decorations rustic

So that you have a different wedding and with a very original aesthetic sense, then we tell you all the secrets about how to decorate a rustic wedding.

  1. Nature

The rustic weddings arrive as a perfect pretext to take advantage of the goodness of the environment. Ideally, celebrate your wedding during the day or evening, as long as you have the elements to illuminate it once night falls.

  1. Wood textures

As the name implies, rustic weddings are phenomenal when it comes to conceiving unfinished objects or a very natural cut. The wood, for example, you can use it in chairs cross back, tables, trunks for the centers of table.

  1. Glass bottles

Whether wine or beer, bottles take a functional role in the decoration of a rustic wedding and you can use them as vases or table indicators. Likewise, these ornaments can remain alone, as long as they are accompanied with bottles in other shades and textures.

  1. Flowers as freshly cut from the field

The centerpieces forget about the complexity and, finally, bet to offer a more natural image to the decoration. For a rustic wedding, there is nothing better than choosing species alone and showing the roots or some soil.

  1. Whiteboards

This trend comes with everything for 2015 and you can use it in the corners of your rustic wedding. It is essential that you choose them with a frame of aged wood, since this way you will be able to focus the details of this tendency in these beautiful objects.

  1. Aluminum tubs

They look like an out of place complement, but this 2015 aluminum becomes the quintessential material of rustic weddings. The best thing is that its versatility will help you to use them in all kinds of spaces: centerpieces, banquet dishes or as vases for religious ceremony.

  1. Series of bulbs

As if it were a rustic Christmas, the series of lights will become a great detail for your rustic wedding. These are spectacular at an outdoor reception, and the best thing is that they create a super homely and warm atmosphere when the evening comes and they catch on.

Vintage Wedding Decorations

The decor with vintage style is characterized by playing with old elements with soft colors and some modern touches. Looks better if your wedding is in the sunlight, but you can also incorporate this style a romantic wedding night.

And is that everything that has a vintage air triumphs in recent seasons. If you marry soon and you are in love with this style, pay attention to this selection in which we have chosen all kinds of details. From ancient restored doors that frame the passage to the altar, photocalls or original planings seatings.

Magic-filled corners with antique furniture that serves to leave the rice cones and petals, the signature table or the candy bar. Antique suitcases decorated with flowers or frames with message, among other things. And is that it is very important to choose the right details for a vintage decoration.

Wedding decorations flowers

There are innumerable possibilities we have when choosing and developing our branch. The originality is becoming more important, leaving to forget the most classic bouquets. 5 are the styles of branches that most success.


  1. Bouquets

It is one of the most chosen branches by brides. It has a round shape as if it were a sphere. Its size usually oscillates between 20 and 30 centimeters. The perfect flowers for this type of bouquets are the rounds, such as roses, carnations or bridal bouquets with peonies that have incredible success among today’s brides.

They are very feminine and romantic. This type of bouquet is suitable for simple wedding dresses and for bulky skirt wedding dresses as well as princess cut dresses.

  1. Wild

Very simple and trendy in recent seasons. Wild bridal bouquets were unthinkable years ago and are now in the top of trends. And it is that they are very easy to combine and to do. They are made up mostly of seasonal flowers and plants as simple as beautiful, such as olive, eucalyptus or ferns. They are casual and have a good fall. Ideal for boho-chic brides and hippies, they will blend seamlessly with rustic wedding decor.

  1. Asymmetrical

One of the most viewed branches in bridal and inspirational blogs. It is a bouquet made up of very different flowers placed so that they appear disorderly but are perfectly thought to be strategically placed. They are ideal if combined in powdery tones with halter neckline wedding dresses, simple yet sophisticated, and heart neckline wedding dresses, where the bouquet takes on an important role.

  1. Long stem

It is a style of bouquet that may be similar to bouquets but is differentiated by the type of flower and the stem of flowers, much longer and thinner. They are perfect for tall women who will have to choose, for their big day, a wedding dress for tall women, who also feel wonderful wedding dress neckline boat. Elegance and sobriety contrasting with colorful and simple flowers.

  1. Waterfall

It is a bouquet in which the flowers fall down cascading, as the name implies. They are very upright and ideal for tall brides. It is a classic style that goes very well if you choose a wedding veil. Currently it is a less used bouquet, but if it is combined with the correct flowers, it can be perfect for your big day.

Wedding decorations for church

Most brides decide to use flowers. If this is your case, roses, and peonies is the most recommended. Do not hesitate to make them part of the decoration of the church, either for the altar or the hallway that you should travel to the hand of your future husband. You can also choose to use the petals of flowers mentioned all the way to the altar.

One of the options that we recommend is to opt for small floral arrangements and distribute them throughout the space of the ceremony or surprising and spectacular tall arrangements with abundant flowers or accompanied by candles.

But those that are in all their rage are the garlands of flowers, which are arrangements made up of different kinds of plants and some beautiful flowers and which are placed on the chairs or benches down the aisle towards the altar. Or, on the contrary, you can place small arrangements with simple pieces of cloth at each corner of the church pews.

If you want to decorate the church doors, a pair of wreaths, foliage or branches may be the most attractive option and your guests will be surprised with such a beautiful reception.